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It's all just waves

We provide innovative and intuitive creative tools for you to express yourself through light and sound. Experience your creativity unleashed in all wave lengths.

All About Us

Our Background

Building on a life long passion for creating and engineering, Emanate is incorporating modern LED technology into a fun, interactive experience for everyone to share. Geometry defines our world and shapes life in nature. Crystals are a clear and well defined example of this geometry, but even plants such as a sunflower exhibit geometry in the way the seeds spiral out in mathematical form. Plutonic solids are the building blocks of the world and we want to enlarge and light them up.


Chronosite is an infinity crystal. A metal frame lined with LEDs is covered with 2way mirror acrylic panels so it looks like a mirrored crystal in the day time, but at night the light endlessly bounces around inside. The crystal lifts apart at the center and standing over 8ft when opened. Its interactive and users can switch patterns and raise/lower it with the control panel. Crystals fascinate me and I wanted to make a larger one. They have some of natures only straight lines. The mirrored panels provide endless reflection of the LEDs and the self. I included some Lego elements as a throwback to my younger days when I would build endlessly with Legos.

Meltdown Daytime
Meltdown Night
Control Cube
Meltdown Daytime back


Our 2018 Summer Meltdown installation consists of a 12ft Pentakis dome that can roughly fit 4-6 people inside. Panels are built with acrylic and recycled wood and metal. An assortment of Arduino-controlled light strips are attached to the inner frame. Participants will sit inside the dome and control the lights by pressing and holding buttons affixed to a suspended cube. The colors and patterns of the lights are affected by the combinations of buttons pressed by the participants inside, so trial and error and discovery is encouraged in order to see all of the patterns we plan to incorporate.



Interactive Totem

Bluetooth customizable Totem lets you choose what mood to set. 8 animations to choose from including confetti, cylon, rainbow sparkle, and a color picker to set user colors.

Summers End Daytime
Summers End Red Night
Lusio Opened Blue
Summers End Open
Lusio Rainbow


Interactive lamp

Bluetooth customizable lamp lets you choose what mood to set. 8 animations to choose from including confetti, cylon, rainbow sparkle, and a color picker to set solid colors.

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